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Spring is Here, the fish are becoming active again. They're searching for food as their metabolism increase with the temperature. During this period of time, it's to your advantage to clean the pond bottom of leaves, wash out the filter and change some water. Since the temperature of tap water and pond water is relatively close, changing some water at this time will keep the stress of the fish to a minimum. Spring is also the time to retrieve the plants from the bottom of the pond where they've been all winter. Take the time to divide, fertilize and repot them for the growing season. After all the cleaning is done, it is time to restart the bio filter. When the water temperature rises above 55 degrees. You can slowly start to feed the fish with a wheat germ food and keep checking the water quality.


Summer is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the plant and aquatic life of the pond. Regular water change of 10% on a weekly basis is all that is needed to maintain water quality. The beauty of this single lotus flower is the culmination of 3 years of waiting for the plants to mature. However, the beauty of this bloom lasted only a few days. All this leafy foliage offers welcome shade to the koi fish during the hot days of summer. Don't forget to fertilize the water lily and other aquatic plants to keep them blooming all summer long.


Fall is typically the time of year when you clean up the dying foliage from the pond and prep the fish for the coming winter. Aquatic plants can be cut back on all the foliage to the soil level in the pots. Move these potted plants to the bottom of the pond where they won't freeze over the winter. Clean the pond gently by scrubbing the sides with a brush to remove some of the dead algae growth that accumulate during the summer. Immediately after the scrubbing, do a partial water change. After a few of these cleaning and water change episodes, we are ready for the winter. You can stop feeding the fish when the water temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Winter, there is very little to do for the pond over the winter. The fish huddle near the bottom. We just have to keep an area on the surface from freezing over completely to allow for exchange of air and gases. We do this by using a deicer. We also shut off all the pumps and UV light during this time. This will keep the bottom of the pond warmer since there is no water movement generated.

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