• Lou, We want to thank you for your beautiful and creative landscaping and installing a low maintenance pond filtering skimmer system for us. Lou enhanced our pond by creating a  waterfall where previously there was none. Our waterfall is beautiful and the sound of the water is so relaxing. Our fish are more active as well.   We are now able to keep our pond clean without constantly removing and cleaning our filter pump.  Lou, you  are always easy to talk to. You called us back right away answering all our questions, staying on the phone and walking us through each step. We look forward to having you maintain our system.  We are now able to relax and be worry free knowing that you are only a phone call away. Thanks again.
    Steve & Rená Papierno
  • For many years you have been maintaining my pond and I don’t know how to express my appreciation and neither do my Koi. I think they are just as happy as I am, not only because of the clear water but for your wonderful care. It seems that twice a year I get a new batch of babies. It looks like I will have to increase the size of my pond. Thank you both for the wonderful job that you have been doing these many years
    Allen G. Miller
    Complex Elements Corporation 310 East Shore Road Great Neck, NY
  • I had a small pond and I wanted a bigger pond. Therefore, I contacted Lou Cerami landscaping. Lou himself came every weekend for several weekends starting the end of May. He supervised all aspects of the pond construction. From the digging to the building and landscaping of the pond. Lou was very through in explaining the proper pond maintaince and filter operations. He explained about Pondzyme and the need to cycle the water for healthy fish. In addition to making my pond bigger and beautiful, Lou also installed a turtle pond within a large planter, which also came out great!
  • In 2001, we had worked hard to make our own approximately 1,000 gallon pond in our back yard, along with a side pond, and it was all very pretty, and worked well for a while. But as time passed, it became increasingly difficult to keep up to par. We hadn’t really planned well when it came to filters, and the situation slowly became unmanageable. The water was dark and filthy, no matter what we did. Our black plastic waterfall was full of vines, and looking crooked and pretty pathetic. The side pond became useless as we never seemed to get the right filter. Our constant quick fixes weren’t working, and the ponds became two huge, depressing black holes in our backyard. Our view was a total eyesore. For the past several years it was to the point where we really didn’t even want to look out the sliding glass doors anymore, let alone go out in the yard. In 2013, after a yard fire caused by a transformer, things went from bad to worse. Pond equipment melted and burned, and there was no denying it was now an official disaster. Thankfully, somebody gave us Lou Cerami’s business card. One quick call and he came over to survey the situation. Within a short time, the view transformed from abysmal to a backyard paradise. Lou knew what was best to do, and we trusted his expertise and artistic eye. Lou keeps his customers very involved in the planning, but we were especially grateful for his solid advice and ideas. Among many other things, he reshaped and relined our large pond, chose beautiful plants, and his placement of all elements was ideal. What was also wonderful was that he worked with the good things we did still have in our yard (stones, a few plants), and he incorporated them into the design. Our new and improved pond, with its real waterfall, is now stunning. We got rid of the side pond and he replaced it with a water feature that he guided us to select, and then he created a beautiful environment around our selection to enhance its presence. On top of all this, Lou is an extremely good person, and a pleasure to know. Working with him is a pleasure. He is very down-to-earth and clearly deeply cares about his work and your satisfaction. His prices are extremely reasonable, especially given the quality of what you will receive. Now we go out in the back yard all the time and enjoy it immensely. We really cannot believe our own eyes, and we appreciate it and comment upon it every single day. The fish are thriving, and finally, after many years, so is our feeling about our own property. We recommend Lou to the highest degree for your pond and landscaping needs -- you’ll be extremely thrilled with the results!
    Joe and Vicky Guadagno
    Levittown, NY
  • Hi Lou, I wanted to just take a minute to say a BIG thank you for making my outdoors beautiful.Our palm tree, flowers and the grounds look great! I can always count on you and your team for a great job. The fish in the pond are also very happy you look after them : ) ! Now my home in Seaford is truly an oasis that we look forward to coming home to. We are looking forward to our next project with you. Thanks again
    Seaford, NY
  • I am so pleased with Lou’s pond maintenance program for my pond. The pond is now crystal clear and the fish are healthier than ever. I now have the time to sit by my pond and enjoy the fish. I am so grateful for Lou’s expert and knowledgeable care of my fish, especially when he treated my fish for fin rot and cured them all. Lou is always available to answer all my questions and address any concerns that I may have. Thank you Lou!
    Bethpage, NY
  • My family and I have been working with Lou Cerami for many years. He redesigned our pond to make it magazine worthy!. Lou performs all the maintenance on a monthly basis, as well as seasonal opening and closing of the pond, while we get to enjoy all the benefits. The landscaping around the pond is beautiful thanks to Lou. We are very satisfied customers and consider Lou to be a friend who really cares about what he does

  • We wish to express to you how happy we are with the waterfall you designed and built for us. Most of all we appreciated your skills, and your punctuality with your appointments. Your very fine personality made it easy and most pleasurable to do business with you. We hereby highly recommend your work to any prospective clients you may have. Please feel free to bring your prospective clients to see your work at our garden any time you choose. Once again we thank you for the great pleasure we are deriving from our water fall. Attached is a photo.
    Zelda and Albert N. Contente
    Whitestone, NY
  • It has been a little more than one month since you took on the job of repairing and upgrading my pond. I originally made the pond myself about 40 years ago out of concrete. Over time some conditions caused the pond to leak and the waterfall never really looked right. On a number of occasions I as well as other pond and waterfall contractors attempted to restore the pond to functionality as well as to make it ascetically pleasing. These attempts all failed.

    In the spring of 2014 your name was referred to me by a koi book author who is now in Florida. You were easy to talk to and really displayed a keen interest in resolving my problems. To make a long story short you completed the job as you described and at the cost you quoted. All of my fish survived and are now happily swimming in the pond you renovated. The original capacity of the pond was approx. 280 gal. and you were able to increase it to almost 400 gal. this made the fish happy and dramatically improved the appearance of the pond. I was impressed that even after the job was done and paid for you contacted me to make sure all was well with the fish and your work, this showed your true concern and interest.

    I am looking forward to enjoying your work for many years to come. Thanks for a job well done.

    Howard Beach
  • We are so happy that the Koi Club recommended Lou to us. We can't thank you enough for building our two beautiful ponds. Everyone that visits just loves to admire them. They give us many hours of enjoyment.
    Stu & Jane Stein
    Dix Hills, New York
  • We can't express enough how happy we are with our waterfall. Your attention to detail and your knowledge and expertise in building our waterfall shows in the true beauty of it!! You were so patient and thorough making sure it was exactly what we wanted. You truly exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend your work. We appreicate your patience and were such a pleasure to work with. We will enjoy it for years to come!
    Mary and Neal Wesselhoft
    Wantagh, NY
  • If there is one thing that I love about spring, it is have my pond turned on, and seeing Lou of course!! I love sitting pond side, listening to the sound of the waterfall and the lips of my fishes eating, that makes for a relaxing day for me. I am very pleased with my pond design that was created by Lou Cerami. Through the years I have reached out to Lou, for so many reasons, if fish were sick, algae was growing out of control, pump stopped working. There was even a time when I was away, my friend called Lou, as she didn’t know what do and the pond was off, not only did he call her back, but came to my home and made sure the fish were ok and the pond was up and running. He has always made time for me, any day of the week I have called, which is usually Sunday! I have always appreciated his responsiveness and taking time out of his weekend to come by when needed. Thanks Lou!
    Diane Dorsi
    Jericho, New York
  • Our Koi pond has to be one of the best home improvement investments that we enjoy daily. Lou Cerami did a fantastic job designing and building our new pond when our Koi outgrew their first home. we now have Koi babies, the first time in eight years. It is very relaxing to sit by the pond and listen to the waterfall. Good for the spirit! Good for the soul!
    Wantagh, New York